Elena Rigas

Who is Pilos?

Pilos cph is a ceramic brand that makes handmade stoneware products. My name is Elena Rigas and I am the woman behind Pilos cph. Pilos cph is built on stories. There is a story in each individual product that is be able to be retold and give life to the clay.

Pilos cph's history is quite personal. It starts in 2019 when I decided to stop my career as an Olympic athlete. Not long after that same year, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, it became important to me to be able to do something together that was not about all the terrible things going on in our lives. In a way, ceramics started as a kind of therapy for me but turned into so much more. I had to find a new identity that wasn't the athlete, and I discovered that I could actually make a living by being creative.

I grew up with colorful Greek ceramics and have always been drawn to the deep rooted history of Greece. Especially the shapes of ancient pottery. I grew up between Denmark and Greece, and it is the two styles that inspire everything I create.

Our Values


At Pilos cph, we want to look after our planet and like so many others, we also focus on sustainability. Quality is essential for Pilos cph's production. We want our products to last many generations. All products are made from stoneware, the most durable clay material. Each piece of ceramic is checked for defects that could affect durability. Products with faults are recycled in our own studio in Copenhagen.

Surplus clay that has been used in our production and in our ceramic classes are recycled in our studio by hand in order not to unnecessarily turn clay into a waste product and to reduce power consumption.

All ceramics are produced responsibly in limited quantities or made to order to minimize over production.

Personal wedding gift vase


Personal gifts

We want to bring joy to others. It should be easy to give a unique and personalized gift to the ones we love. The ceramic items are made to give and pass on to the next generation. It is made to celebrate everything from the small to the big things in life. That's why we have made it easy for you to customize any product from our store. You can add engraving or handwriting of your choice to any product - whether it is a stable or one of a kind piece.

Give the perfect gift every time.

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Did you know that clay has been used for decades. Not only to build houses but also to create pots, sculptures and containers. Clay is mostly used for ceramic products because it is so durable. Today, ceramics are widely used because they can be found everywhere - even in your own backyard. The processing of clay does not require much energy.

Clay comes in many different colors and textures because it is influenced by the minerals and substances in the geographical area it is found in. At Pilos cph we let the effects of those minerals and substances shine and work primarily with red, black and gray clay. However, there are an infinite number of colors and textures variations.